"Can Dentures Help With Missing Teeth?"

When a tooth is lost from decay or trauma, there are multiple reasons that you may want to have it replaced. Medically speaking, every tooth in your mouth is essential to helping others stay in position and to retain the health and strength of your jawbone. Teeth also play an important role in normal speech and allow you to properly chew your food so you gain the most nutrition from them. Beyond the practical reasons, there are also aesthetic ones. Gaps in your teeth can cause self-image issues and concerned about flashing your smile. Dunwin Dental offers natural-looking restoration solutions in the form of crowns and bridges.

Types of Dentures

Complete Dentures

Missing teeth can be a serious problem, impacting one’s ability to eat properly and speak clearly. Dentures are a popular and effective solution for providing patients with a prosthetic solution for missing teeth and have been in use for centuries. Modern technology has created dentures that are more comfortable, more effective, and more natural in appearance than ever before. Patients can choose from two types of dentures- full and partial dentures.

Partial Dentures

A partial denture may be suggested as a solution when a patient is only missing some of their teeth. These dentures are fitted to a metal framework or plastic base that is designed to fit snugly around the patient’s remaining teeth. Some patients who receive these dentures will use them as a permanent solution to their dental replacement needs. In other cases, they are designed and worn while the patient’s oral cavity heals from other treatments. Upon completion of the healing process, the partial denture will be removed, and permanent solutions put in place.

The Denture Treatment Process and What to Expect

Your First Appointment

  • Our team at Dunwin Dental will take photos to assess restoration areas. We will consult with you about the goals for your smile.
  • We will go over different material options that best fit your needs.
  • We will take dental impressions at your first appointment so that our labs can create the denture bases. 

Your Second Appointment

  • We will test the initial framework based on the impression and make sure they are fitting properly. 
  • If we need to make adjustments, we will send them back to the dental lab. 

Your Third Appointment (If Necessary)

  • Our dentists will place temporary dentures and take pictures to evaluate aesthetics and function.

Your Final Appointment 

  • Once the final dentures are completed, you will come in for your final appointment to replace the temporary dentures.
  • You will receive post-insertion care and instructions. You’ll also be given a run-down of what to expect in the first few days.

Denture After Care

  • Brush your dentures daily to remove food, stains, bacteria and plaque, just like you would your normal teeth.
  • Clean your dentures daily with a soft toothbrush and a gentle cleanser to prevent buildup and scratching. 

Frequently Asked Question

The process starts with the extraction of any teeth that need to be removed. Once the patient has healed from this process, typically taking eight to twelve weeks, the process of creating a denture can begin in earnest. It begins with an impression being taken of the patient’s mouth, which is used to create a model. This model is delivered to a dental laboratory where their dentures will be designed, constructed, and returned to the dentist’s office. Once in the dentist’s hands, the patient can come and test them to see that they fit properly and be shown how to wear and care for them.

In many cases, patients will be provided with an immediate denture that they can use while waiting for their finished ones to arrive. These will be created before the patient has their teeth extracted, and they’ll be able to use them until their final dentures are finished and arrive. These dentures aren’t as comfortable as the finished ones but are sufficient for a stand-in until they arrive.

If you’re wondering if dentures are going to be an appropriate solution for your dental needs, contact our office at 407-920-5612. You’ll be scheduled for an appointment to speak to one of our dentists at Dunwin Dental at our clinic located at 2318 Dunwin Drive Suite 9 in Mississauga. During this appointment you’ll undergo a full dental exam, your medical history will be gone over, and you’ll receive a consultation on whether dentures will be right for you.

As the name implies, complete dentures are a replacement when all of the upper or lower teeth are missing. These dentures have a base made of plastic that is colored to mimic the natural color of gum tissue and is fitted with a full set of teeth. Depending on the preferences and finances of the patient, these teeth can be made of plastic or porcelain. Traditional dentures are affixed to the gums using an adhesive that seals them in place. The newest style of dentures, known as dental implants, are mounted on titanium studs inserted into the jawbone. While significantly more expensive, dental implants have great advantages over traditional dentures.

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